Pittsburgh Steelers News Update

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The Pittsburgh Steelers took to the practice field with the 53 man roster and Practice squad and had a day working through individual techniques important for positions and other fundamentals working on the roles that that these guys have earned. Coach Tomlin still, will not tell us anything about the Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback. All he told us was this when asked, Are you ready to name a starting quarterback today? I’m not. I’m not. I’ll see you guys next week and maybe we’ll talk about it further. So that’s it and it seems that Coach Tomlin is definitely having a good time with this. Even saying talk about it further next week, doesn’t really mean he will tell us next week. Coach Tomlin is looking to have Jesse Davis carve out a role for himself and says he’s versatile and experienced and has experience starting in over 50 games in every Offensive line position except center. He also says that The Pittsburgh Steelers are open to more trades and that discussions are being had because that’s just other business this time of year. Coach Tomlin also told us that all of the receivers are varsity and deserving.