The Offensive line, The Pittsburgh Steelers may be in one of the best quarterback situations in a very long time.

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How do The Pittsburgh Steelers fix their biggest Achilles heel of the preseason, The Offensive line, The Pittsburgh Steelers may be in one of the best quarterback situations in a very long time. Being three very good or at least very capable quarterbacks deep. But, None of it matters if the offensive line is weak. You have to protect the quarterback. Everyone is in awe of Kenny Pickett’s few preseason performances and maybe rightfully so. I hope he continues to impress. I still want to see him consistently up against varsity guys if he gets the chance. “I say if he gets a chance.” I’m just thinking that if the Steelers offensive line continues to struggle, would that mean a delayed chance for Kenny Pickett to get out there against 1s. Most of Kenny Pickett’s reps in the preseason games have been against 2s and 3s. You don’t want to send your first round draft pick out to the wolves unless he has proper offensive line protection. Is Jesse Davis the answer to all of the offensive line problems? No he is not, but he is a good start. First of all beyond protection, the penalties have to get under control. The last preseason game was full of offensive line penalties that cause loss of yardage.  When the question came up about looking for anyone from the outside to supplement.  Offensive coordinator Matt Canada told the media.

“But right now, the guys we have up front that are going to be on the team here, we’re going to go with them and they’re going to play really well, and we’ll find a way to win.” 

The task of coaching the offensive line comes down to Pat Meyer. He came to The Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this year with 29 years of experience. This is his first season coaching with the Pittsburgh Steelers and he is introducing new hand placement techniques to help the offensive line become a force in the NFL once again.  Hand and foot placement are some of things that are being worked on to turn this line around. The Offense line is a very young one and learning new things may be different that what they are used to but very beneficial in the end. 

Now lets get back to Jesse Davis. Davis is a sixth-year offensive lineman who has played on the field in 80 games (72 starts) with Miami (2017-21), Davis was the third player in Dolphins history to start games at four different offensive line positions (right tackle, right guard, left guard and left tackle). He also became one of five players in franchise history to start at three positions on the offensive line in a season (2017) and the only first-year player to do so. 

Coach Tomlin likes his versatility and ability to play multiple positions.