This is how The Pittsburgh Steelers need to handle the Bengals

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This is how The Pittsburgh Steelers need to handle the Bengals. First off, The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line needs to stand up to the Bengals Defense. The Bengals have one powerful defense and they have the ability to reak havoc on the Steelers offensive if given the slightest leeway. You need to control them from the start. The depth chart is stacked with a force that The Steelers need to control. Defensive tackle D.J. Reader is well known for stopping the run and has been for a very long time in The NFL, even long before joining the Bengals. He has a career combined 216 tackles under his belt. According to The Bengals, He has taken his game to a new level with the Cincinnati Bengals defense heavy focus on formation recognition. Reading the formation of the upcoming opponent and predicting the play before it happens. This is something the Cincinnati Bengals defense relies on and it has had lots of success. 

This is how they are planning to stop Najee Harris in the upcoming game this Sunday. The Bengals will try to force Mitch Trubisky to throw the ball by making the run as difficult as possible. But The Pittsburgh Steelers have something that they didn’t have last season and that is Mitch Trubisky. Mitch Trubisky has a good passing game and athleticism that poses a challenge for the Bengals defense. His mobility and athleticism will help to offset the still developing young offense. The Bengals head coach told the media that they are preparing to play against a good quarterback, Mitch Trubisky. This will not be the same game that we saw last season against The Bengals. The Pittsburgh Steelers have made a lot of roster moves and they have been preparing for this. 

This will be Mitch Trubisky’s second time starting against The Bengals in his career. The last time Mitch started against The Bengals was way back in 2017 and he led The Bears to a 33-7 victory over The Bengals. Trubisky went 25 of 32 attempts for 271 passing yards. Now back in 2017, Bengals current quarterback Joe Burrow was still playing college ball. This was also when The Bengals were not winning so much and a very different team all together.  In 2017 The Bengals went 7-9. 

When it comes to the Steelers Defense they have ramped things up this summer and preseason with new additions on top of the veterans that we all know well. Individually they have incredible talent. This summer and preseason has been making those individuals work as one powerful unit just like the legacy of the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense. The Steelers have always been a defense focused team going back to the 70’s and they want to continue that. They’ve been working to get there again. The defense looked pretty good in the preseason but there’s always room for improvement. With some of the best defensive players in the league such as T.J. Watt and Cameron Heyward, The Steelers have great leadership on defense.

They have one important task along with many others and that is to stop Joe Mixon on his running game. Mixon had 165 yards rushing in the last game against The Steelers.