Pittsburgh Steelers News Wednesday September 9th 2022

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are fast approaching their week one regular season opener in Cincinnati against the Bengals. Mitch Trubisky spoke to the media today and told us that he was told that he was starting quarterback last week Mitch has to put up with a lot and especially doubters. He tells us that he is not worried about that stuff, he just goes about his business.

Mitch was also asked about dealing with the doubters.

“I mean, you’re always trying to do that. There’s always going to be doubters and you’re always trying to believe in yourself, your teammates and people in your supporting cast who believe in you.”

We now know that Mitch Trubisky will start. The question is when will we see Kenny Pickett get a chance to show what he can do in a regular season game. Regular season games naturally have a faster speed of play than preseason. Kenny has yet to play in that situation. 

Right now the job of starter is in Trubisky’s hands, but with that job comes a lot of pressure with quarterback Kenny Pickett sitting right behind him. This situation should cause Mitch to work even harder since it’s his job to lose. Mitch has done great at practice and in every preseason game and has yet to have an interception turn into a touchdown in his professional career. He handles and protects the football and that is one of the key things that Coach Tomlin likes about him. 

In Chicago many fans were not fans of Mitch and part of that was probably that the Bears didn’t know how to utilize him properly. Coach Tomlin knows how to utilize him in this offense. Mitch is athletic and mobile and with the still developing O line that will be important going into this season. Mitch also says that his biggest improvement since coming To Pittsburgh has been processing speed and getting the ball out of his hands faster. We hope to see that this weekend.

Getting the captain vote by his teammates demonstrates that Mitch has a high level of respect from his teammates and that is critical when you are in the Quarterback position. I have no doubt that Kenny will get a chance at some point this season. It all depends on how Mitch performs. If Mitch is winning games and protecting the football, It might be a little further out.