The Steelers practiced again on Wednesday at UPMC sports complex, Mitch Trubisky Spoke To The Media.

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On Wednesday, The Pittsburgh Steelers announced they have claimed former New York Jets safety Elijah Riley off waivers. To make room on the current roster they released Donovan Stiner. So what can Elijah bring to the Pittsburgh Steelers? Here is a little bit of background. During his play in 2021 with the Jets he played 13 games, started 7 games, had 45 tackles and one sack. Before that he was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles from 2020 to 2021. Elijah is a West Point Alum and He was the first West Point alum to play a regular season game for the Jets franchise since 1962 according to the Jets. Elijah has had quite a journey in his football career with the experience he brings from West Point, The Eagles and Jets, I am looking forward to seeing how he uses all of that experience to help make this season’s Pittsburgh Steelers a force in the league. 

The Steelers practiced again on Wednesday at UPMC sports complex for their first regular Wednesday practice before a Sunday game this preseason. Coach Tomlin felt good about what was accomplished during Wednesday’s practice. The preparation for this preseason game against the Lions is a simulated regular season week. The team practice involved preparing for the specific opponent in the upcoming game. Coach Tomlin also told the media on Wednesday

 “It was a good start for us, but you guys know we measure weeks by the result at the end, and so we’ll reserve judgment. But it did feel good today to get focused and be in this environment and do the things we would do on a regular in-season Wednesday.”

Mitch Trubisky also spoke to the media at practice on Wednesday. Mitch was asked this question by the Media 

“Are you going on the assumption that you’re the starter for the regular season?

“That sounds like a trick question. I don’t like the question, but I can only assume that I’m going out to practice today. I’m going to be starting and trying to get better.”

The quarterback position is a special position that requires leadership, respect and trust from the offense and Mitch Trubisky told the media that he comes in every day and shows the offense who he is by being himself and showing that he knows the playbook.