Should The Pittsburgh Steelers Keep All Three Quarterbacks This Season?

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 The Pittsburgh Steelers still  have three quarterbacks on the roster and those three quarterbacks have all been performing well all throughout camp and in the pre-season games. The question is should the Pittsburgh Steelers keep all three of these quarterbacks this season. Next week the roster will be shaved down to the regular season’s 53 players. Keeping all three quarterbacks has its advantages and costs as well. Mitch Trubisky, Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph all have their strengths. As Coach Tomlin told the media on Monday, A lot of Starting positions come down to this last pre-season game including the quarterback competition. But is the final preseason game enough to really know where each of the three quarterbacks sit on the depth chart? I know Kenny Pickett did great at Pitt and become the fan favorite lately. He seems to be very capable and talented quarterback. I still need to see how he handles regular season games in the division. Not one game two or even three. I need to see him out there throughout this season. Some will say that three quarterbacks on the roster tie’s up a spot that could be used for another much needed position,….. but when you don’t have a proven Franchise quarterback starting, it does make sense to keep all three capable quarterbacks and The Steelers have kept three on the roster in certain seasons in the past. Until we see some consistent performances in the regular season, It is impossible to know how these guys line up. So much of the talk is about Mitch and Kenny. We have to remember that Mason Rudolph is also in this competition. Mason has been working very hard this preseason and has definitely come a long way since last season. Let’s not jump to conclusions too soon. Let’s see how these guys do in a regular season if they all get the chance to play.  Do you think the Pittsburgh Steelers should keep all three quarterbacks on the roster this season?