The Pittsburgh Steelers will host The Detroit Lions at Acrisure Stadium Today

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Today The Pittsburgh Steelers will host The Detroit Lions at Acrisure Stadium. This is the final exam for players to prove themselves and secure a spot on the 53, man roster. Today we will be watching closely the quarterback competition, offensive line improvement and many other critical positions. 

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers finished a complete mock week simulation for a Sunday game situation. Coach Tomlin told the media that every healthy player will play today including all three quarterbacks. 

Coach Tomlin announced that Mitch Trubisky will start on Sunday followed by Kenny Pickett and then Mason Rudolph. How much play each quarterback will get depends on how many snaps The Steelers get and their individual performance in the game.  This is the most important preseason game and the last chance for all three quarterbacks to make their case. The Offensive linemen will also be making their case in this game. All of the work done this week comes down to this performance. When Coach Tomlin was asked about his thoughts on what he’s seen so far, he said this to the media. “

“Again, I don’t care about the work I’ve seen. I care about the performance on Sunday. That’s all that matters. We can talk ourselves into feeling good based on what transpires out here or feeling bad. The reality is when the lights come on, we got to do the job. And so, I judge weeks, not only in regard to them but all of us, based on how we perform in stadium.”

The stadium has always been the proving ground for the Pittsburgh Steelers and it will be this Sunday against The Lions. The 53 man roster and depth chart going into the regular season will be determined by this game. 

This game will be a good match up. The Pittsburgh Steelers have played against The Detroit Lions 33 times and of those meetings, The Steelers won 17 games and The Lions have won 14 and they have tied twice. The Lions plan to play starters in this game also, According to The Lions head coach Dan Campbell,  The second part of the game would be used to evaluate players so the first half would be playing starters. The best evaluation of players is against starters. When you have a competition for starting position, you need to see those guys up against starting players to really gauge their capabilities. The risk with playing starters is that you want to minimize injuries going into week 1 of the regular season.

We will be covering the game today at Acrisure Stadium and are really looking forward to giving you our analysis of the performances.