The Pittsburgh Steelers settled back into the UPMC Sports Complex today on the South Side

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The Pittsburgh Steelers settled back into the UPMC Sports Complex today on the South Side for a sense of normalcy. The Steelers had an important meeting today reviewing film from Saturday’s preseason game against the Jaguars. Although the game was won, the guys have a lot to work on this week. Especially the Offensive line. We heard that it was was a tough meeting for some of the offensive linemen after their performance last Saturday. What was said at that meeting according to Coach Tomlin… 

“That’s between them and I, But  What I said was appropriate”.  Coach Tomlin says that the meeting was productive and that “Well move on with this weeks work.” 

When asked about what needed improvement coach Tomlin told us 

“They didn’t play with enough of an edge individually and collectively. The things that are on our tape, we’ve got to own, and I think they’ll be ready to do that.”

Coach Tomlin was asked if the Left Guard Spot comes down to this last preseason game. Referring to the competition between Kendrick Green and Kevin Dodson. Coach Tomlin tells us that 

“a lot of spots will come down to this work. This work is weighted differently and appropriately so. The in-stadium work is significant, and increasingly so the more stadium exposure you get. So, make no mistake, this is a significant game for a lot of people.”

This is a big week of practice and preseason game performance. If last week was the mid-term then this is the final exam. Coach Tomlin also says that Yes the starting quarterback competition will also come down to this weeks work and Sunday’s preseason game performance. So much is on the line this week and we are curious to see who is still on the roster on Tuesday after the 5 cuts required. 

The Steelers have signed offensive tackle Adrian Ealy and waived offensive tackle Jordan Tucker, 

Adrian Ealy, was released by the L.A. Rams on Aug. 16, and was originally signed with Baltimore as an undrafted free agent last season. He spent his time with the Baltimore Ravens, Denver Rams and Green Bay Packers practice squads’ last season. He was on 4 of the big 12 championship teams and three college football playoff squads during his four years at Oklahoma from 2017 to 2020. Coach Tomlin tells us he’s looking for quality play from him.