Pittsburgh Steelers Mason Rudolph Impressed, Kenny Pickett Delivered and Mitch Trubisky Did Well With What He Had

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are now 2-0 in the preseason with a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars with a score of 16 to 15. It was a messy game full of penalties, but the Pittsburgh Steelers turned it around and won. Here are the Steel City News stand out players of the game. Of course Mason Rudolph makes the list. Along the lines of what Coach Tomlin said after the game, Yes he was a Varsity guy playing in a Junior Varsity game and he was clearly the best player on the field as he should be. He finished with 127 yards and 17 of 21 passing. Playing against 3rd string players or not, Mason was able to perform under the pressure of the two minute as well as the Steelers being down by five. Mason demonstrated that he can make plays under pressure and get things done. What does this mean for Mason Rudolph going forward? There are a lot of scenarios that can play out but I’m Only interested in what I see out on the field. I see a reliable, accurate quarter back who can perform well under pressure. There is no doubt that Mason Rudolph was out there in the full second half for a reason and I’m sure we will find out soon what that reason is. Kenny Pickett also makes the list, with only two possessions and an offensive line that is still coming together, Kenny delivered wonderfully, he did great with what he had to work with. Kenny played on the field with 1st and second string guys and finished with 95 yards and 6 of 7 passing. Steven Sims led in Rushing with 1 rush for 11 yards. Then there is a tale of two Tyler’s! Tyler Snead and Tyler Vaughns who were both recipients of completions from Mason Rudolph’s game winning drive.  Tyler Vaughns led in Receptions with 4 for 56 yards. On this Tuesday by 4pm the Pittsburgh Steelers roster will have to be cut down by another five players.