Pittsburgh Steelers vs The Jacksonville Jaguars Pregame Report

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Welcome to the Steel City News Pregame report for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs The Jacksonville
Jaguars. With one preseason game behind The Steelers, and one more after this one,
comparing this to school we can call this one the midterm test for these guys.
Some of the things you want to be looking at in this game is of course the Quarterbacks. Coach
Tomlin all ready told us who’s playing and when. To recap Mitch will start, Kenny comes in next
so that we can, as coach tomlin says “See Kenny in more varsity action” After Kenny we can
expect to see Mason Rudolph out there. Mason has done well at camp and The Steelers
already know his capabilities. He has the varsity experience and we don’t need to learn that
much more about him right now. He’s a capable quarterback with experience. He will get reps
and a chance to prove himself more, but this is more of a midterm test for Kenny, to see him up
against starters and even more 2nd string players will reveal more about his capabilities at this
professional level. It will give us more information but the real test is in a regular season game.
This game is definitely a chance for Devin Bush to make some plays and make a comeback. He
had a difficult 2021 season after he came back from a torn ACL injury that happened in the
previous season. I was there when he was first introduced to the media after being drafted. He
came across as a great guy and good selection for The Steelers. It’s never easy getting back up
to speed after an injury like that. Seeing Devin make some good plays in this game is what we
need to see and look forward too.
You want to keep an eye on the wide receivers, we don’t know yet if the Steelers will keep all six
of them or even 5 but the Steelers do have 6 more than capable wide receivers now. This game
may help us get a better Idea as to what may happen.
We will be watching Jaylen Warren in this game as he has had an outstanding camp and is a
fast rising star who also impressed in the first preseason game against the Seahawks. In the
Seahawks game he had six rushes for 34 yards, four catches for a total of 30 yards and a

touchdown from Kenny Pickett. How far will he move up the depth chart. It’s going to be a game
that show last us what these guys have done with what they learned from last weekend.