Pittsburgh Steelers Gunner Olszewski is Quarterback Friendly & Tough

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Welcome to Steel City News. Gunner Olszewski has made quite an impression at training camp
and as well in the last past preseason game this summer. Olszewski caught the first touchdown
pass from Mitch Trubisky in the first preseason game against the Seahawks. With Anthony
Miller’s season ending injury and Gunner’s performance at camp, Is it possible that we may see
him utilized in a more serious role in The Steelers offense this season. When Gunner was
signed earlier this year, he came across as very modest and a team player, He told the media
that he just wanted to help out the team anyway that he can. He said whether that’s as a
receiver or just returning punts.
Looking back at Olszewski’s 3 seasons with the New England Patriots. He played in 36 total
games and started in 2 of them as a punt returner. His 2020 season as a punt returner was a
stand out season with an average punt return of 17.3 yards, the best in the NFL at the time. He
can catch, run routes and move fast down field.
Mitch Trubisky told us: “He’s shifty. … He gets open,”. “He’s very quarterback-friendly, and when
he gets the ball in his hands, he has great run after catch. He’s someone that you can rely on.”
Coming from the Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback, that’s a nice compliment.
Coach Tomlin also had some nice things to say about Gunner Olszewski. Coach Tomlin said
“He’s adaptable,”. “He’s versatile. He plays multiple spots. He’s tough. I can’t stay enough about
the toughness that he displays.”