Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett tells us that it was a good first game to build on.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have now had a chance to review film
from Saturday’s game and are now focusing on way to improve for this next preseason game
with the Jaguars. Quarterback Kenny Pickett spoke to us on Tuesday about what he will be
focusing on.
Pittsburgh Steelers Wide receiver Chase Claypool practiced two times at training camp and
then suffered an injury that has kept him on the sidelines until last Tuesday and the suffered
another injury that put him back in the sidelines. Chase says he’s healthy and tells us he doesn’t
feel like he’s missed too much. Is it possible to see both Chase Claypool and George Pickens
this weekend in Jacksonville? That’s all up to the Steelers.
We also spoke with several other players before Tuesdays practice and they are all using the
lessons from this weekends game to move forward.
Of course Coach Tomlin gave us his take on practice and some key things that the players are
focusing on.
The Steelers have just signed Guard- William Dunkle and trimmed the roster to 85 per the 4pm
deadline. Released were Doug Costin, Jake Dixon, Cameron Nizelack, and Chris Owens.
New Pittsburgh Steelers Assistant General Manager Andy Weidle spoke to us this morning.