The Last Week of Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp in Latrobe is Underway

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Welcome to Steel City News. It seems like so much of the talk has been about the quarterback competition. Today I want to talk about The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receivers. This is an interesting situation that the Steelers are in. The Pittsburgh Steelers have 3 good and capable quarterbacks and that is something to be excited about as a Steeler fan. We should be rooting for all three of them because right now they are in the roster and are all Pittsburgh Steelers. Every one of them had a passer rating above 100 in Saturday’s first preseason game against the Seahawks. The Steelers also have 6 wide receivers. The three starters are looking to be Chase Claypool, George Pickens, and Diontae Johnson. I’m thinking that will stay going into the season. Then they have Calvin Austin, Steven Sims and Tyler Vaughns. All three of these guys have shown growth and development throughout camp and this is yet another complicated decision that the Pittsburgh Steelers have to make. Sims was under the radar for a long time going through last season where he only got to play in one game for the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Saturday Sims ran 38 yards on a punt return that gave way for Mason Rudolph to throw a 26 yard touchdown to George Pickens. Vaughns is another wide receiver to watch. He Impressed us all with his catch from Kenny Pickett for the game winning 24 yard touchdown. I am fairly optimistic about this upcoming season and hope that this continues. At this weeks Steelers training camp we spoke with Kendrick Green and other team members about taking Saturday’s experience, the good and the bad and building on it.