Steelers Vs Bengals Post Game

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The Pittsburgh Steelers won their season opener game against the defending AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals with a score of 23 Steelers and 20 Bengals. Much of the results of this game happened because of a good Steelers defense and a lot of mistakes made by the Bengals. The Steelers defense had 4 interceptions and a total of 5 turnovers. 

In my opinion there was one major factor in this game that led to this victory against the Bengals and that is heart or as coach Tomlin called it spirit of the Pittsburgh Steelers and especially the new guys. This spirit that the guys have in my opinion comes from Coach Tomlin’s ability to motivate the team. Coach Tomlin is one of the best if not the best motivator in the league. He knows how to connect with his players and inspire them to perform at a high level. Coach Tomlin is directly involved in the coaching of the team. His direct involvement with every player on the team earns him respect from them and in turn they feel accountable. This is just one thing that in my opinion makes this team unique and something that is not so common. This is why Coach Tomlin can take players who were unsuccessful on other teams, find their strengths and bring out the best in them turning them into contenders. 

The Steelers may have a lot of work and development ahead of them,  but they demonstrated that they really wanted this win. Yes it was sloppy and terrifying at times but it was a win. Coach Tomlin was pleased with that spirit the new guys had and gave them game balls after the game. 

The game was a tense one to say the least and will be one of the most memorable season openers. This looked like a game where both teams are still trying to get it together and figure things out . The Pittsburgh Steelers defense played strong in this game but it was that determination to win that carried them through it.

Did stopping Joe Mixon help? It certainly did. Cincinnati Bengals Joe Mixon only got 85 yards rushing vs his 165 yards rushing during the Steelers Bengals week 12 game last season. The Steelers Offense needs a lot of work and the offensive line really needs to come together in a big way.  Mitch Trubisky was confident and reliable and despite the weak offensive line went 21 for 38 and a total of 194 yards. Mitch Trubisky looked the part of a starting quarterback. Chase Claypool had 36 yards rushing and Pat Freiermuth had 5 receptions for 75 yards. The Pittsburgh Steelers sacked Joe Burrow 7 times for a total loss of 39 yards. The Steelers had 50% success in the red zone. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a very good chance this season. The offensive line will get better and as soon as they start clicking, The Pittsburgh Steelers will be a force to deal with. 

Chris Boswell won the game with a 53 yard field goal in overtime with 4 seconds on the clock. The first game winning attempt was not Boswell’s fault. If the offense would have moved the ball Down the field a few more yards, the win had a chance to come sooner. There is a lot of work to do this week to prepare for The New England Patriots on September 18th. 

Suspected injuries from the game are some of the variables that can negatively impact this season and unfortunately these are things that the Steelers will have to deal with. Stay tuned tomorrow for the start of our analysis of The New England Patriots Vs. The Pittsburgh Steelers.