Pittsburgh Steelers Offense Solution

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The quarterback situation has been difficult all preseason and even more so now in week 3. So what is really going on here and how do The Steelers fix it. From my observation, it looks like The Pittsburgh Steelers like to play it safe on offense to avoid splash plays like sacks, interceptions, passes defensed, forced fumbles and fumble recoveries. In theory, when you have a solid defense like The Steelers have, you can play more cautiously on offense and try to win an overall low scoring game. This has not been working and with the absence of T.J. Watt it has been absolutely not working. 

The only way to win on Thursday is to unleash Mitch Trubisky. He is a mobile and athletic quarterback and if he is able to be audible at the line or go no huddle when he needs to, he will have the opportunity to play at a higher level than we’ve seen. It’s time to take off the training wheels and make some plays. We don’t know what Mitch Trubisky can really do since it sounds like he’s just following plays he is giving from the coaches. He’s the quarterback and has the experience to know how to make plays. I think he looked better in the preseason and I wonder if that had anything to do with having more freedom to make his own decisions at the line. 

Then there are the questions about Kenny Pickett. Would Kenny Pickett have the same limitations put on him or would he be out there making his own decisions. If the suspected offense philosophy stays the same it will make no difference. Plus with his limited NFL experience, I highly doubt it. Kenny will get his chance at some point and it’s obvious that there is a succession plan in place if he can deliver in actual regular season games.

I have a feeling that Thursday night’s game has a lot of weight in what happens next in this offense. If the offense surprises and Mitch delivers, we won’t see Kenny Pickett for a while. If we see the Same things we’ve seen in the last two games, I’m sure something will change before the next game since The Pittsburgh Steelers will have 10 days to prepare and make necessary adjustments to get things on track. That may not mean a quarterback change or it may. It depends where the problem really is and at this point it’s not as obvious as it has seemed. 

The Steelers know the plays that are given to Mitch and the ones that he runs on his own when he is able to do so. The Steelers obviously have the best knowledge of where the problem is. Let Mitch make his own decisions and some big plays. Without T.J. Watt and in general The Pittsburgh Steelers need to take some chances on offense, at least much more than they have been.