Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns Preview

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On Thursday night The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on The Cleveland Browns on the road in Cleveland. This is The Pittsburgh Steelers biggest rival. With their first match up in 1950, The Steelers and Browns have played each other 141 times and of those match ups The Steelers have won 79 times, The Browns 61 times and they had one tie game. When playing in Cleveland on the road The Cleveland Browns have won most of the games and this game is on the road. Playing at Cleveland The Steelers won 29 games and The Browns won 39 games with one tie. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the last two games against the Cleveland Browns but that was with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers and The Cleveland Browns know each other better than any two Other NFL teams. There will be many challenges but the two Browns players that will present a challenge will be Running Backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. They are both top rate playmakers with an average of around 4 yards per carry each and if The Pittsburgh Steelers fail to minimize the damage that these two can do, they will struggle. This has historically been the case and The Steelers are preparing for it even with this short week as not having T.J. Watt does make the situation more difficult.

Kareem Hunt  and Nick Chubbs are even more of a challenge as they can run the ball and have a good passing game in the backfield. 

Amari Cooper is also a challenge this Thursday. A newcomer, He posted his first 100-yard game with the Browns during last Sunday’s game.

And now a  side note, Josh Dobbs is the backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and he is very familiar with The Steelers Defense since he was with The Steelers for not one but two tenures. I wonder if we will Dobbs on Thursday.