On Sunday, The Pittsburgh Steelers will be taking on The New England Patriots at home in Acrisure Stadium

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On Sunday, The Pittsburgh Steelers will be taking on The New England Patriots at home in Acrisure Stadium. Cameron Hayward spoke to the media and had a few things to say about the upcoming game at practice.

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t faced The Patriots in several years. The last game between ThecSteelers and The Patriots was way back in 2019 on September 8th. That game ended with a loss for the Steelers with a score of 3 Steelers and a score of 33 Patriots. That was then and things have changed on both teams. 

The biggest change is offense leadership. During that 2019 game Ben Riethlisberger was quarterback for The Pittsburgh Steelers and Tom Brady Was quarterback for The New England Patriots. With that said two important components of the game have not changed and That is head coaches Mike Tomlin and Bill Belecheck. Both Coaches have a way of doing things and that has not changed this season, but the cast of characters on both teams have changed drastically. 

Najee Harris says he is feeling fine and also spoke to the media this week about the upcoming game and based on what he had to say, The Patriots are not to be taken lightly, especially with the run game and defense. 

The New England Patriots are coming off of a loss from the Miami Dolphins and The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off of one of the craziest games in history. 

The Steelers got a win but not by much. That game could have went either way several times. The Pittsburgh Steelers can’t underestimate The Patriots. Historically they have played a total of 33 times and The Patriots won 17 and The Steelers won 16 games. 

We understand the Patriots culture from their history but this week we only really have last week 1 to get an idea of their capabilities this season. Last weekend Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones went 21 for 30 and 213 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Harris has 9 rushes for a total of 48 yards and Myers had 4 receptions for 55 yards. That’s not looking too impressive. Sources say Jones is expected to play despite dealing with back spasms earlier this week. The Patriots seem to have had offense communications problems in last week’s game. Several players benched after only a few plays. They may have been just stretching their legs last week and may play much better this week. 

They definitely didn’t look like The Patriots that we have become familiar with during Tom Brady’s days at quarterback.

 On The Steelers, T.J. Watt will sit out this game. The Steelers have good depth on defense and guys who are preparing to step up and fulfill the needs. Devin Bush is starting to look more like Devin Bush. He played much better last weekend and Coach Tomlin seemed happy with his performance. 

Trubisky was consistent and delivered well with what he had to work with. He’s a veteran but knows where he needs to improve. The offensive line will keep getting better. They just need to get in sync. I believe that The Pittsburgh Steelers can handle The Patriots well this coming weekend. The Steelers just have to be careful as The Patriots Organization is very good at moving the ball down the field and won’t make the same mistakes they made last week.