The Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor Museum is Now Open and You Can Call The Play

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have opened a new attraction for fans to experience and enjoy at Acrisure Stadium. The new attraction is The Steelers Hall of Honor Museum. The ribbon cutting event took place on Thursday and we were able to get a first look at this incredible addition to Acrisure Stadium. 

The Steelers Hall of Honor Museum sits above the Pittsburgh Steelers pro Shop at Acrisure Stadium and is accessible by using the gate B suite entry. Fans can visit the Steelers Hall of Honor Museum year-round. The museum tells the detailed history of the Pittsburgh Steelers and features the franchise’s best players, coaches, and front office personnel in the Hall of Honor. 

The Steelers Hall of Honor Museum is a chance to, in a way, travel back in time to learn more about the many moments and individuals who made The Pittsburgh Steelers Franchise successful. No matter what the current season is looking like, you can now visit the museum and be reminded of the successes of the past and get an insight into what is possible.