The Pittsburgh Steelers logo History

The origin and meaning of the Pittsburgh Steelers
logo goes back to the steel industry. The
logo was first revealed by American iron
and steel in 1960 and was created by US
Steel Corp.

The steel mark represented
the entire steel industry. The steel mark
was intended to help discourage requests
for imported steel and in 1964 over 21
million decals were shipped to
manufacturers of household products the
three star-like symbols are called
asteroids. Asteroids are a type of hyper
cycloid seen in the logo.

It was
allegedly said to represent modern
lightness and stylishness of household
products made with steel manufactured in
America. Some also believed it to stand for
lightens your work brightens your
leisure and widens your world.

In the
1970s the meaning of the colors were
updated to represent the materials
needed to make steel yellow for coal
orange was representing iron and blue
representing scrap steel.

In 1962 one of
the owners of Republic Steel out of
Cleveland Ohio asked the Pittsburgh
Steelers if they would mind of fixing
the steel mark logo to their helmets as
a product placement.

The logo was only placed on the right side of the helmet
by the equipment manager in case they
decided that they didn’t like it.

colors changed from gold to black to
help make the logo stand out in 1963 and
the Steelers requested permission
to change the word steel to the
complete team name. The Steelers were
granted permission. The Steelers are the
only team in the league to have a logo
only on one side of their helmet.
That’s the story of the Pittsburgh Steelers Logo.