The First Simulated Regular Wednesday For The Steelers

Coach Tomlin addressed the media today and saw good energy out on the practice field. This is a simulated regular Wednesday practice and a focus has been on time spent and delivering information and seeing it executed on the field. Coach Tomlin tells us that the team will review game films and be back out there tomorrow to continue the process.

There are no significant injuries, just some bumps and bruises from game play. Coach Tomlin also told us that Joe Haden is doing well and is just taking it day-to-day. He also mentioned that things have been going well with Ray Sherman and the receivers. Former Steelers offensive coordinator Ray Sherman stepped up to help out after the sudden passing of Darryl Drake.

Still no word on Ben Roethlisberger playing in Sunday’s game against The Tennessee Titans. Coach told us we will get into that later in the week and that Big Ben has been readying himself just like everyone else. Remember to always check out and