The Film “Kecksburg” World Premiere Sold over 1100 Tickets

The film industry is thriving here in Pittsburgh and this past week, we were invited to the screening and world premiere of the feature film Kecksburg. The film is based on the famed 1965 UFO event that has gained international attention and has been referred to as “Pittsburgh’s Roswell.  Kecksburg is the first feature film to focus on the Kecksburg UFO and was shot on location right here in southwestern Pennsylvania.

There are many theroies surrounding what took place the night of December 9th 1965. Based on events of incident, the film Kecksburg follows reporter John Murphy as he attempts to find the truth about the “object that came down from the sky and sat in the woods on that historical night. He is joined in his quest by a local Kecksburg resident Roza Zelienski.

Together they try to get to the truth about what the heavily guarded unknown object sitting in the local woods really is. Over 1100 tickets were sold for the screening and you could really feel how passionate everyone was about the film.

As a filmmaker myself, I know that it’s no easy task producing a feature film. During the evening we got a chance to speak with Producer, Director Cody Knotts and several others involved in film. You can follow their Facebook Page to stay up to date on future showings and releases of the film.