Steelers Simulation Week Before First Preseason Road Game

This Preseason week has a unique design compared to the previous preseason preparations, as this week The Pittsburgh Steelers will be going through a simulation just as many other teams in The NFL will be participating in. The next preseason game falls on a Sunday and with camp concluded the Steelers are now practicing on The Southside field just as they would for any regular season game.

This is an excellent opportunity for the not only the players but for the coaches and Steelers staff. The Same on Sunday against The Tennessee Titans. This will be the first road game opportunity for the rookies to experience in their NFL careers, so they have another great opportunity to shine and stand out.  

Coach Tomlin said” When we break camp, we come back here and get into this simulation week, the opportunities to stake a claim on a position or carve out a role for yourself is getting scarce and I think everyone understands that. .”

On Monday’s press conference coach Tomlin answered questions about several players many of us were wondering about. One of those players is Vance McDonald and Coach said he is taking it Day By day and that Vance will be fine. That is really good to hear.  

Coach still seems happy with Ulysees Gilbert but he did have this to say. “He’s a young, talented guy. He’s made some plays like we acknowledged late in the football game week one. He made some more plays, not as splashy as the plays he did in week one, but he was in stiffer competition. So, we’ll continue with his developmental process like we’ve described..”

Coach Tomiln was asked about his thoughts on Kevin Rader and he tells us that Kevin has done some good things and is not lacking in physicality, he just needs to work on some of the details of the position. Something that stood out to us from the press conference was how coach Tomlin said that if you are a teacher, you are in the same profession. He says that he is an educator and that that is why team development is challenging and exciting. He really does loves the process. Coach also told us that he will update us on players who were held out of the last preseason game later in the week. and for more