Randy Fichtner on Steelers Quarterbacks and Today’s Game

Randy Fichtner on Quarterbacks and Today’s Game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have two young quarterbacks leading the team’s offense this season due to Big Ben having to sit out. Devlin Hodges and Mason Rudolph have different was of playing and Randy Fichner told the media about game plan adjustments to meet those preferences on the field.

“There are differences. Obviously, each guy has a natural thing that appeals to their eye or they feel they’re comfortable with, whether it’s moving in the pocket, not moving in the pocket, deeper throws, intermediate throws, crossing patterns, all of the different types of concepts. So a little bit of that goes into play as well. I think we look around as a whole unit, and how can we utilize the people that we have that are healthy, and they can play in the game. So that leads us in a direction, and that’s kind of what we do
week to week, and it’s a good feeling knowing that most of the guys have played in the last week to two weeks. Hopefully they’ll be back this week. So that’s a good feeling.”

He went on to talk about the need for Devlin Hodges to stay in the pocket and face the rush more often.

“Yeah, there’s no doubt because this league’s built inside the pocket. In certain situations, you’re going to have to play in there. That doesn’t exclude Lamar Jackson from playing in the pocket when you have to.
They can keep you in. We’ve been fortunate, and probably haven’t had some holding calls because he’s maybe escaped a little quicker than you’d like, but again, that might be just a natural thing for a younger,
inexperienced quarterback that kind of feels grass and runs to it as opposed to stepping up. So there’sobviously little things we want to work on every day to improve, and that would be one of them.”