Pittsburgheese Yinz or Yunz? How did it start?

Yinz or Yunz?
How did it start?

What do you think. Is Yunz or Yinz the correct word to use in the official Pittsburgheese dialect. How did Yunz become Yinz in Pittsburgheese or was it the other way around? Yunz or Yinz is a second-person plural pronoun used mainly in Western Pennsylvania English. The words are mostly used in Pittsburgh, but are also found throughout Western Pennsylvania. Some believe that when Irish men and women began to speak English in the 19th century, they used the word You Ones because the Irish language has a singular and second person pronoun and the word You Ones evolved into Yunz and Yinz. Do you say Yunz or Yinz? Where do you believe the words come from?

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