Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Josh Dobbs is now 2nd on the depth chart.

As Coach Tomlin told us last week, It’s less often that four quarterbacks would be kept on an NFL roster. The surprise to many was that The Pittsburgh Steelers cut veteran Landry Jones who appeared in 19 games over his five seasons with the Steelers. Landry Jones was a reliable back-up, but we’ve seen Josh Dobbs improve a lot since his rookie season and he was really impressive in the last preseason game or as Coach Tomlin called it “The final exam”. The Steelers clearly want guys who can make plays happen and with Josh Dobbs mobility and lightning fast decision making, he is a guy who can do that and both of these guys have been moving the offense down the field and making touchdowns happen.  Rudolph has lots potential and is learning more and more as he gets reps in or out of the stadium. When we first met Josh Dobbs during his rookie year in 2017, he told us the importance he places on every rep whether in practice or in a game, and he has demonstrated that. This game is about winning championships and The Steelers know more about that than any other team in The NFL. Sometimes you have to take chances. Dobbs and Rudolph are hungry and that’s what we need. Anything can happen when it comes to a rookie and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Do you remember when a Rookie named Ben Rothlisberger took over for Tommy Madox in 2004, we didn’t have the social media to discuss it like we have today but there was a lot of uncertainty and concerns before that game with the Dolphins.  We all know what happened after that.