NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pa. — Norwin School District teachers are
using the school distric’s 3D printer machines to make protective face shields for North Huntingdon Township Emergency Medical Service / Rescue workers.

PPE (personal protective equipment) is scarce these days due to the demand for Covid-19 protection for those on the front lines. Earlier in April North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue was curious if Norwin
School District’s 3D printers had the ability to be used to make the face
shields to protect emergency medical technicians and paramedics throughout the COVID-19 pandemic emergency.

Headbands to be attached to face shields

Mr. Robert Shuber, Technology Education
Department Chair, and Mr. Jared Schultz, a Computer Science Teacher
at both Stewartsville and Sunset Valley Elementary Schools talked about the possibility with school district administrators. With the use of a Maker Bot 3D Printer and a laser cutter, these two Norwin School District Teachers started producing face shields.

According to Mr. Shuber, The District is planning on producing 40 face shields that can be sanitized and re used. Eash face shield takes around 3 hours to make. On April 14th 9 of those face shields were delivered to EMS/Rescue and ready to use in the field.

Face shields

Mr. Shuber on behalf of the departments involved was happy to be able to help. “Norwin’s Technology Education Department has been equipped with
high-tech devices for many years,” said Mr. Shuber. “We feel privileged
that we were able to utilize our technology to help out in this time of

Mr. Shane Spielvogle, Executive Director at North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue says that is grateful for the School District’s efforts. “The Norwin School District and North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue (Rescue 8) have had a decades-long relationship of mutual support,” Mr. Spielvogle said. “This is another example of neighbors helping neighbors, and, as EMS providers, we are grateful to receive this gift of personal protective equipment.”

“We are honored to support these critical first responders in the community,” said Dr. Jeff Taylor, Norwin Superintendent.
“Making face shields for our local paramedics is an example of the ‘Together We Can’ philosophy at Norwin School District. If
we all support each other, we will come out of the COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever as both a school district and a