Mr. Yuk Was Created Here in Pittsburgh

Why Did Pittsburgh Need This Face?

Did You Fear This Face? Mr. Yuk Started Right Here in Pittsburgh.

Welcome to Steel City News. Since at least the 12th century the skull and crossbones icon was used to represent danger. Here In Pittsburgh The old skull and cross bones really wasn’t working since we had The Pittsburgh Pirates Jolly Roger logo with a skull and cross bones.  Kid’s thought the Pittsburgh Pirates were cool and Pittsburgh kids along with the rest of the country thought Pirates in film and TV in general were cool. The Pirates logo also appeared on kids candy. In 1970 and 1971 there was an overwhelming number of emergency room visits and poison control center calls due to children’s consumption of toxic chemicals. Dr. Richard W. Mori-arty of Children’s Hospital came up with the idea for the mean green face we know today as Mr. Yuk and from there so did the rest of the country. Did you fear Mr. Yuk?