Mason Rudolph on Being an Aggressive Quarterback

Mason Rudolph spoke to the media on Friday after practice and was asked about being an aggressive quarterback whether it’s taking shots down the field or taking shots through small spots. Mason: “I think you’re taking what the defense gives you. I do love pushing the ball down the field in chunk plays like coach Tomlin says. Eliminates a lot of execution, so we enjoy taking those chunk plays, but at the same time, if that’s not there, if they’re not having it, you’ve got to be smart with the ball and check it down and maybe not force it into those tight windows.”

Last week Mason was quickly put into the number one quarterback spot on The Pittsburgh Steelers and you can imagine the pressure the move up put on him during last weeks game. Mason was asked about how he feels about this weeks game compared to last week’s and he does sound more comfortable this time.

Mason: “Yes, for sure. It’s my second week going through the whole process with the guys, the offensive line. It’s valuable reps. The meeting time, it’s my deal. It’s more focused around what I like. Preparation. Game planning. Randy’s been great with giving me opportunities to provide input and what I like, and that’s really helpful.”

Mason is still fresh in the starting spot and has a ways to go but he looks to be moving in the right direction.