Is Pittsburgh relying too much on Ben Roethlisberger

Pittsburgh Steelers Randy Fichtner spoke to the media and was asked questions on what needs to be done to stay on track. Coming off of two losses after being undefeated, something needs to be worked out. The Pittsburgh Steelers are still 1st in the AFC North and need to stay focused and start winning games again. Randy was asked about Big Ben and diversifying the offense.

“Well, I think you are always wanting to be as diverse as possible. I would shy away from wanting to take too much out of Ben’s hands. He is the most experienced and quite honestly our best football player. He has a lot of insight into all levels of the game.

I think we’ve got do a better job of being more consistent and efficient in our runs. We’ve looked at certain play action and some things to potentially create more chunks down the field as well. He hasn’t been resistant to anything. He’s been unbelievably—wants to be coached, comes in with ideas. He studies overnight. He texts us a bunch of different things that he likes to do and thinks about doing, that type of thing. I’m kind of excited about being on a real week schedule because there is maybe some flow to be able to do that.

The rush to some of these past weeks, you better committed to do the things you feel most comfortable to do because you really didn’t get practice reps versus maybe the looks you were anticipating for that week. We can do everything a little bit better. Me, him, our staff, our players. Everyone can do something better and we know how to do it right. We’ve done it right. If you call it a lull, maybe it was and maybe it is at this point. But, shoot, we can get out of that, too.”