Head Coach Mike Tomlin on Steelers Mini-Camp and The Past Few Weeks

Head Coach Mike Tomlin on Steelers Mini-Camp.

The focus of this past weeks mini-camp was on the young guys. Experience and conditioning for the rookies was important in order to put all 90 men on an even playing field so that they can compete for the 90 man roster at Latrobe’s training camp. According to Coach Tomlin each each player was left with the message to show up at camp ready and the specifics are unique for each. Coach Tomlin said, “Rest assured that conditioning and readiness has to be the most significant element of their time here in the upcoming weeks.” It’s go time now and the Steelers have to keep up the hard work in the upcoming weeks and continue throughout the season.

When asked about team chemistry accomplishments over the past few weeks Coach Tomlin told us this, You really can’t judge chemistry or culture till you’re faced with adversity.” He says that Training Camp is the first real adversity that the team will face as it is a highly competitive environment for the players that is both physically and mentally challenging. He mentioned that the past few weeks were not so much an evaluation but more of a learning experience for the new guys. Training camp and pre-season is the real evaluation process.

Coach Tomlin spoke highly about Latrobe and the fan support that the Steelers get there. “We love Latrobe, we love our relationship with St. Vincent. It is just a great atmosphere and great place for that part of the process and the fan support vie get up there day to day is second to none. We love our time up there for sure.”

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