Game One is on The Horizon for The Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Tomlin Talks To The Media

Game one is on the horizon for The Pittsburgh Steelers and it is against The World Champion New England Patriots. The Pittsburgh Steelers are pushing their way through week one of the regular season and Coach Tomlin tells us what The Pittsburgh Steelers need focus on during that planning for Sunday night.

This week The Pittsburgh Steelers voted Captains in. Ben Roethlisberger and Maurkice Pouncey on Offence and Cameron Heyward on Defense. Roosevelt Nix was voted Captain on Special Teams. Coach Tomlin said that we have a lot of young guys like Devin Bush who have an opportunity to do some significant things. Coach Tomlin went on to speak about the Patriots and their long list of capabilities. Coach Tomlin told us his thoughts on Tom Brady and how he utilizes unknowns and all levels of personal to make a play. He goes on to tell us that Tom Brady is very difficult to trick and even if you do trick him you won’t be able to continue to do it throughout the rest of the game.  Coach Tomlin say that we will have our hands full.

We are sure that the Patriots are preparing for a confusing game this Sunday since their focus last season during that December game was mostly stopping Antonio Brown. This season Antonio Brown is no longer playing for The Pittsburgh Steelers. This adds a lot of mystery to The Pittsburgh Steelers Offense. We are sure that The Patriots will be focusing on JuJu” Smith-Schuster and James Washington this time.