Food Security Efforts Addressed by Pennsylvania Governor

As the state continues to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 virus The Wolf Administration has prioritized protecting the local food supply chain and resources to make sure that everyone has equal access to healthy food.

“As we seek to ensure health and safety for Pennsylvanians and work together to save lives as we mitigate against COVID-19, food has never seemed more important,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “We depend on farmers to continue to work the land, processors to make products, grocery workers to be there at check out, and volunteers to support our food banks and pantries.”

Here in Pennsylvania, we have a diverse agriculture and food industry that has maintained an excellent reputation for generosity.

“These uncertain times have highlighted the complexity of our nation’s food supply chain and required a new way of thinking. We’ve been actively triaging unprecedented situations as they arrive and working around the clock and across agencies to guide the industry and ensure food remains available and accessible. Hunger will not take hold in this commonwealth,” said Department of Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding. “I’m humbled by the incredible innovation, collaboration, and tenacity we’ve seen as we work with the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to stave off food insecurity in Pennsylvania.”

“Pennsylvania is well situated to meet the increased demand for food assistance and support throughout the commonwealth, and will continue to utilize available data and collaborate with public and private partners to ensure that no Pennsylvanian goes hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Wolf said. “


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