Ben Roethlisberger is ready for The Patriots

Ben Roethlisberger is ready for The Patriots and says that he is excited for some exciting games. He says that the offense feels good coming off of the preseason. Ben told the media “A lot of familiar faces on offense. The work we got with new guys or younger guys was efficient.” Big Ben also spoke about how James Washington has grown. “Everybody saw how much better shape he looked when he walked in. Not better shape, thinner, lighter. He was already strong. It’s not like he was chubby, and he lost weight. He looked good. He lost weight because he wanted to be faster and I think we have all seen that. We have seen him continue to grow in terms of understanding the offense and making plays. He goes up and high points balls and makes those contested catches. That is all growth. That is positive in everybody’s eyes.”

The Patriots defense is always good and expected to be very good this season, but Ben Roethlisberger says that it’s going to be an awesome challenge. When asked, do you feel that The Patriots taking away your number one receiver last year to force the run game, Ben Roethlisberger said “I think it was a little bit—James [Conner] didn’t play in that game and it was Jaylen [Samuels]. I don’t think they really knew what we were going to do in terms of not having your number one running back in there, either. They always do a good job of combo-ing your top two guys. Whether that is a receiver, a running back, a tight end, whatever they deem as your top two, they are going to double. That is what we anticipate this year. The key is going to be early on figuring out who they deem as your top two.”

When asked about going to a run game he tells us that maybe in some games but he doesn’t see it happening for the entire season. Flipping back and forth from a run game and a passing game can be a real advantage.

Jaylen Samuels played a great game last year and may have surprised The Patriots but Big Ben says that you can’t surprise The Patriots twice. Ben gives a lot of credit to The Patriots coaching staff and really complimented Tom Brady for the caliber quarterback that he is in the league.  Ben was asked what it’s like being on the sidelines, watching a 42yr old quarterback. “Well, I want our defense to get after that guy. It is an honor to share the field with arguably the best of all time. It is humbling and fun to watch, I just want him to have his worst game against us because our defense is getting after him.”  “It is not too often you get two old guys playing quarterback against each other in a game. Like I said, it is just an honor to share the field with him.”

Ben was asked how he stays focused when the Patriots raise the banner and have the ceremony. “I think it is cool to be apart of, honestly. You go out there and you watch it and you channel it to say, `OK, that needs to be us next year.’ So that is the way I look at it.”

Ben says that he doesn’t really think about the fact that The Steelers were the last team to win against the Patriots, but he did say “I didn’t think about that. It’s pretty cool. Anytime you can beat the Patriots it is pretty cool.”

We just have to wait until Sunday night to see how this all plays out on the field.